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The PhD students and Post-doctorate Researchers will become Australia’s future leaders in biomedical technology, using expertise they gain through the Centre, and the links they will have established with stakeholders.

The development of commercially viable biomedical technology requires not only mastery of technical engineering skills, but in-depth knowledge of an array of perspectives of the stakeholders involved – including the needs of the clinicians and surgeons at the coalface of the treatment process, the clinical trials process to obtain regulatory approval, and licensing issues to ensure a commercial advantage for industry.

Our industry collaborators
represent the major
stakeholders in biomedical

Our industry collaborators represent the major stakeholders in biotechnology device companies, hospitals, clinicians, and surgeons) who will together provide an array of workplace.

experiences for our emerging researchers (PhD students and Post-doctorate Researchers), significantly enhancing their work-ready profile upon graduation.

The Centre’s commercialisation training scheme will be designed to facilitate active learning that teaches how to assess the clinical need, market potential, and the IP position of expected outcomes, in collaboration with the Partner Investigators, other staff at the Partner Organisations, and University of Sydney’s commercialisation department.

They will “learn by doing”, collaboratively designing strategies to successfully navigate the path of research commercialisation and to develop routes to market. Each project will offer different training based on the specific characteristics of the associated partner, e.g., developing patent applications for small to medium enterprise partners, creating grant applications for clinical trial applications for hospital and clinical partners.

We will host an annual commercialisation training workshop, where the emerging researchers will learn from researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors who have had success in translating innovative medical
technologies to market. This will be supported by funding from The Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer.


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